Downtown Vegas and the Container Park


Preying Mantis


Dowtown Las Vegas


Container Park


Container hangout

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City at Night II

The second night of our photography course focused on photographing people at night on the street. It’s a bit a combination of the streetwork course that we took with David last time, and night photography.

We went out on Halloween….and expected to see way more people than we did! I don’t know if we were out early or what, but there were very few people out and about in costumes. In fact, the market was quieter than usual on a Saturday night.

Regardless, I managed to get a few interesting shots of people out in costumes.

This last one is by far my favourite. Such creepy eyes!
I was a bit disappointed with the photos, just in that I would have liked a bit more background to be visible. Without a camera capable of operating at a higher ISO, I just don’t think it’s achievable for me at the moment.

So the saving for a new body commences

Ottawa at Night

I haven’t been taking my pictures lately, so I decided to go out last night and take some at night. It’s even more convenient to do now that I have my bicycle, so Linus and I set off towards the Somerset street foot bridge.

I struggled a bit with just taking pictures of the usual sights of Ottawa – it’s hard not to be drawn into the standard beautiful buildings and landscapes, but I wanted to capture something more. Ottawa isn’t just all heritage buildings and landscaped parks – it’s a living city.

Capturing Ottawa the way I want to is a work in progress.

Parliament Hill at Night

After a good month of horrible, I finally finished all my applications. I’ve submitted everything to the schools, and now I must wait. However, in the meantime, I’ve decided that I don’t actually want to go to grad school. Instead, I’ll do income averaging at work, take lots of time off to spend with my men, and take lots of pictures.

In that vein, I spent half an hour last night trying to get the right shot of what are actually really ugly lights on Parliament Hill. However, it was a challenging shoot because of a) all the people b) the RCMP vehicle parked near the eternal flame with its headlights on SUPER bright facing me, and c) the different lighting sources all at work in this shot. Making sure that the face of the clock on the Peace Tower wasn’t overexposed was one of my major concerns. I think it turned out.