Downtown Vegas and the Container Park


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Dowtown Las Vegas


Container Park


Container hangout

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Breakfast salad

One of the things I find most delightful about robust leafy greens is their ability to stand up to extreme manhandling, unlike many other greens (I’m looking at you, spinach). And this time of year, given the distance they have to travel to get to me, I’m happy for something that isn’t wilting on the way home from the store.

I also really like eating warm food for breakfast, and I struggle to eat enough leafy greens. My solution this morning was to whip up Isa Chandra‘s Kale Butternut squash salad. I made a small modification – I seared the kale in a hot cast-iron pan, just to soften and warm it up. I also added the rest of the ingredients while they were still warm. It was a fantastic, post-yoga salad that I heartily recommend. It’s the first recipe that I’ve tried from her new cookbook Isa Does It (you can find it – no need to link). Time permitting, I’ll try to blog a few of the photographs that result….